We support quick migration from Gazelle Desktop to Gazelle Cloud. You will need to do the following:

  1. Sign-up for a Gazelle Cloud Account from this link, if you have not done so.
  2. On your Gazelle Desktop, click Admin -> Database -> Database Backup to create the Backup File.
  3. (This step is applicable only if you have uploaded images to your Gazelle Desktop). On the small window that pops up when you run Gazelle Desktop, click View Storage. Zip all the files in the storage folder to create the Storage File.
  4. Send us your Gazelle Cloud Account E-mail and both the Backup File and Storage File (if any) to us.

The migration should take less than an hour and we will let you know through e-mail once it is done.


Please send us the latest backup file with the information that you want to migrate.