Gazelle differentiates between stock item and non-stock item

  • A stock item refers to those items that you keep physical stock in your store. Stock item has quantity associated with it. Every time a sale is made for that item, its quantity will be deducted.
  • A non-stock item refers to those items that you do not keep physical stock in your store. For instance, you can have an order-on-demand item or you are offering a service. There will be no quantity associated with a non-stock item.

An item can be defined as stock or non-stock based on whether it has stock entries associated with it. You can see this from the Stock tab inside Stock Detail window:

  1. Click Item
  2. Right click on an item and select Edit Item
  3. Select the Stock tab

An item maybe a stock item on one branch and a non-stock item on another branch.

For example, we can have an item is a stock item for the branch WWW. To make an item non-stock at a particular branch:

  1. On the Stock tab of Stock Detail window
  2. Right click on the desired stock entry
  3. Select Delete Stock

Once you saved the item, that item will be converted to be non-stock for that specific branch.

Note that:

  • By default an item will be created as stock item. To have it converted to non-stock item, you have to edit the item and delete the stock entry as specified above. 
  • Gazelle calculates cost price for stock items and non-stock items differently. Visit this page for more details.