Before you utilise the built in e-mail functions within Gazelle, you need to follow the steps below to configure your e-mail account.

Using Google Gmail

The simplest way to setup e-mail in Gazelle is by using a Google Gmail account. You can use an existing Gmail account if you have one, otherwise you may signup for free at To configure Gazelle with your Gmail account:

  1. Click Admin on the top menu bar and select Settings (The Settings screen shown below will be displayed)
  2. Tick Use Gmail to send e-mail checkbox
  3. Enter your Gmail Account (your Gmail e-mail address) and your Gmail Password
  4. Enter a Sender Name (This is the name that will be displayed to the recipients of your e-mails)
  5. Click Save

Using Other E-mail Providers

To use other e-mail providers, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Click Admin on the top menu bar and select Settings
  2. Click the Advanced tab (The Advanced tab screen shown below will be displayed)
  3. Scroll down to the Mail section
  4. Enter your SMTP Server host in the setting
  5. Enter your SMTP Server port in the mail.smtp.port setting
  6. Enter true if your SMTP server uses encryption or false if otherwise in the mail.smtp.tls setting
  7. Enter your e-mail account in the mail.smtp.username setting
  8. Enter your e-mail account password in the mail.smtp.password setting
  9. Enter the display name that you want your e-mail recipients to see in the mail.from setting
  10. Click Save

E-mail Advanced