For proper functioning of Gazelle, you should create a Settlement at the end of each sale day to finalise the transactions for that day. After you have created a Settlement for a day, you won't be able to create or alter the Sales or Partial Sale Completions for that day.

Creating a Settlement

You can create a settlement by following the steps below (See the Notes on Settlement section below as well):

  1. Click Transactions on the top menu bar to open the Transactions screen
  2. At the bottom left side, click the Settlement button to open the Settlement Detail screen (shown below)
  3. Gazelle will fill the form automatically for you. However you'll need to verify the information on the Actual Collection table (upper-left) to ensure that it tallies with the actual cash/credit card payments that you collect during the day.
  4. After all the entries have been verified, click the Save Settlement button
  5. The Settlement Detail screen will be closed, and on Transactions screen you will see the Settlement Saved checkbox is now ticked indicating a Settlement has been made for that day

Settlement Detail

Notes on Settlement

  • The upper-right table of the Settlement Detail screen shows all the sales and partial sale completions recorded by the system for the day, this can be used as reference when you verify the Actual Collection table (upper-left)
  • There can only be one settlement for each day in a branch

Deleting a Settlement

To delete a Settlement, see Settlement History article