Gazelle's cash float feature allows you to track the amount of cash stored inside your cash drawer.

Start of Day

Gazelle's cash float feature requires you to declare your starting cash amount for the day, at the start of each day.

  1. Click the Sale button on the top menu bar to open the Sale screen
  2. Click the Status button on the top of the Sale screen to open Terminal Status screen
  3. The label on top of the Terminal Status screen should be a blue Start Day label (as shown below)
  4. Click Open Terminal

Note that:

  • Gazelle by default disables the Cash Float feature, Opening Terminal for the first time will enable Cash Float feature for that terminal
  • Gazelle tracks Cash Float value on a per-terminal basis (one terminal will have its own Cash Float value)
  • If you are starting off the day with some money already in the Cash Drawer, start the day and follow the Cash Adjustment steps laid out at the During the Day section below

Cash Float Start Day

During the Day

After you have opened a terminal, you can always visit the Terminal Status screen (by clicking the Status button on the Sale screen). The Terminal Status screen should show a green Open label as shown below. The Cash in Drawer value will indicate the current cash that you should have in your cash drawer at this time. If you wish to make an adjustment to the cash in drawer amount, click Cash Adjustment and enter the adjustment to be made (For instance, if you are withdrawing $15 from the cash drawer, enter -$15 <negative 15 dollars> as the adjustment value). The Cash in Drawer value will be adjusted accordingly after the adjustment.

Cash Float Open 

End of Day

At the end of the day you will need to declare the ending cash value by creating a Settlement. Follow the steps at on how to create a Settlement. Once you've created a Settlement for the day, the Terminal Status screen (accessible by clicking the Status button on the Sale screen) should show a red Closed label as shown in the screenshot below. One cycle has now been completed, the next day you will follow the steps on the Start of Day section again to start a new day.

Cash Float Close

No Settlement for Previous Day

The warning below will be shown when you do not create a settlement for the previous day. At the end of each day, you need to create a settlement to close the day (see the End of Day section above). To resolve this, you will need to visit the Transaction window, go to the last date where you do not have a settlement created then create a settlement for that date by following the steps here Once the settlement has been created for that day, the Terminal Status will prompt you to start a day for today and you can follow the Start of Day section above.

Cash Float No Settlement 

Re-opening Closed Terminal

If you accidentally close a terminal and intend to re-open it, you can do the following:

  1. Click Transactions on the top menu bar and click Settlement. Save the Settlement for the day.
  2. Now, click Admin -> Operation -> Settlement History and delete the Settlement that you just made. This will re-open the terminal.

Disabling Cash Float

To disable Cash Float feature:

  1. Click Admin on the top menu bar, select Entity then Terminal to open the Terminal screen.
  2. Right click on the desired terminal and select Disable Cash Float.