Gazelle's Sale window supports barcode scanner. To use your barcode scanner:

  1. Open the Sale window (click Cashier -> Sale)
  2. Tick the Scan button on the left
  3. Move the cursor to the Barcode Scan field
  4. Try scanning a valid barcode (the barcode must exist in the system)
  5. If everything is done correctly, the item will be added to the Sale

Some remarks on the barcode scanner feature:

  • Gazelle is compatible with most barcode scanners available in the market
  • Barcode scanners should be able to simulate keyboard press and append Enter key at the end of each scan (this is configurable in most barcode scanners in the market)
  • To test your barcode scanner, you can open Notepad (or Textedit on Mac) and try scanning a barcode using your barcode scanner. The barcode should by typed to the Notepad (or Textedit on Mac)