Gazelle supports Authorize.Net CP (Card Present) Integration. With Authorize.Net you can purchase a generic credit card reader / swiper (see what readers are compatible with Gazelle here) and use it for a card-swipe payment in Gazelle. You can learn more and subscribe to Authorize.Net service through Authorize.Net Website. Note that Authorize.Net is available only to US customers currently.

Authorize.Net Settings Parameter
You will need the following information from Authorize.Net

  1. API Login ID
  2. Transaction Key
  3. MD5 Value

The Authorize.Net Settings Parameter would be <API Login ID>,<Transaction Key>,<MD5 Value>,PRODUCTION
For instance, if your Authorize.Net information is as follows :

  1. API Login ID : 8M62yCB3nF
  2. Transaction Key : 5BdVm9jYbFT3657j
  3. MD5 Value : 4K12yWB3nF

 Then, your Authorize.Net Settings Parameter would be 8M62yCB3nF,5BdVm9jYbFT3657j,4K12yWB3nF,PRODUCTION

Configuring Gazelle

After you've obtained the Authorize.Net Settings Parameter, do the following

  1. Login to Gazelle as Admin
  2. Click Admin then Entity then Payment Method
  3. From the list of payment methods on the table, select Authorize.Net
  4. Enter your Authorize.Net Settings Parameter as the Parameter
  5. Tick the Active checkbox
  6. Click Save

Now, you should be able to select Authorize.Net as a payment method for a sale