Gazelle supports most credit card readers in the market. Credit card readers should have the following capabilities:

  • Can be configured to read Track 1 Data only
  • Read Track 1 Data unencrypted
  • Support keyboard emulation mode

The easiest way to see whether your credit card reader is supported is as follows:
  1. Install your credit card reader
  2. Configure the credit card reader such that it reads unencrypted Track 1 Data only (as with above requirements) 
  3. Open Notepad (or TextEdit on Mac)
  4. Swipe your credit card using the reader
  5. Observe the results in the notepad, the result must be a one-line text that looks similar to this : %B4111111111111111^CARDUSER/JOHN^1803101000000000020000831000000?
If you are seeing two-lines text, this implies that your credit card reader is reading more than 1 tracks. You would need to configure your credit card reader to read only Track 1 data.