Gazelle is compatible with 80mm paper width thermal/impact receipt printers.

You can make some adjustments on the receipt printing mechanism through the Settings window. (Click Admin -> Settings and select the Client tab).

Gazelle uses standard operating system printing interface. This means that your receipt printer should appear in the printer list on your operating system.

An easy way to check that your receipt printer supports the standard operating system printing interface:

  1. Open Notepad on Windows or Textedit on Mac
  2. Type in some text
  3. Now try printing the text (using File -> Print)
  4. Select the receipt printer as destination printer
  5. The receipt printer should be able to print the text correctly

Note that:
  • We recommend the use of Google Chrome web browser for best print result and configuration
  • Problems often arise due to incorrect margin and scaling settings. If you encounter problems such as the receipt printed is too small or cut off, please submit a ticket with your problem description and printer model
  • If you intend to print your company logo together with the receipt, make sure your receipt printer supports printing graphics
  • If you're using Epson receipt printers such as TM-88, you have to install EPSON Advanced Printer Driver for TM series included with your printer package