Gazelle can track orders made to your suppliers and their status. Click the Order menu at the top menu bar to see the available Order windows.
Gazelle differentiates between two types of orders:

  1. Order Stock - This is used if you have a stock item and you want to replenish the stock by ordering from supplier
  2. Order from Partial Sale - This is used if you create a Partial Sale and based on that Partial Sale, you want to to order a sale item from supplier on-demand (see Partial Sale article)

To create an Order:

  1. Open the appropriate Order window (either Order Stock or Order from Partial Sale) by clicking the appropriate submenu of Order menu at the top menu bar
  2. Fill in the item to be ordered (for Order from Partial Sale, you have to first select the Partial Sale that the Order is related to)
  3. Fill in the quantity to be ordered
  4. Select a Supplier which the order should be directed to (the Brand of the Item must be associated with the Supplier. See Brand Supplier Association article)
  5. Click Order

Now you're ready to create a Purchase Order to group the Orders before sending to the supplier
(We separate the process so that individual branches can create individual Orders and the HQ will be creating the final Purchase Order to be sent to the Supplier)

  1. Create a Purchase Order to group the orders before sending to the supplier (see the Purchase Order article)
  2. Print or e-mail that Purchase Order to the supplier
  3. Mark the Purchase Order as sent
Once you've received the Invoice back from the Supplier:
  1. Create a Purchase (see Purchase article)
  2. Use the Receive Pending Orders in the Purchase Detail window and select which Orders are being received
  3. When you save the Purchase, the Orders being received will be marked as complete

Note that you can also order from your own branch instead of external suppliers. See Ordering from Branch article for more details