Gazelle supports the concept of posting and unposting of purchases and transfers.
In many shops, you will typically receive invoices from your suppliers first before the goods actually arrive. In this case:

  1. You would create a Purchase to represent the supplier invoice
  2. Leave the Purchase at an Unposted state (select No when prompted to post the invoice after saving)
  3. This will create the Purchase without adjusting the stock quantities for the purchased items
  4. After you have received the goods from supplier, go to Purchase window, right click on the Purchase and select Post Purchase
  5. Now the stock quantities of the purchased items will be adjusted

Similar process works for intra-company Transfers between branches. Before the actual goods arrived from one branch to the other, leave the Transfer as unposted. After the goods have arrived at the destination branch, post the Transfer to adjust the stock quantities accordingly.

Note that:
  • You are not allowed to edit/delete a Purchase or Transfer at a posted stage. Unpost the Purchase or Transfer before editing/deleting it
  • Use the Posted and Unposted filter on the top right of Purchase and Transfer window to filter Purchases and Invoices based on their posted/unposted state