You can send mass e-mails to your customers for advertising, marketing or informational purposes.

  1. Open the Mailer window by clicking Tool from the top menu bar and select Mailer
  2. Create Template (Type: E-mail) if you have not created one. An E-mail Template is the message that will be sent to your customers. An E-mail Template is created in HTML format for maximum flexibility on designs.
  3. After the Template has been created, select the Template from the left table of the Mailer Window.
  4. Right click on the Template and select Send Test E-mail to send a test e-mail to yourself (make sure the e-mail in your Staff entry has been entered correctly, since this test e-mail will be sent to that e-mail address. See Staff article)
  5. If the test e-mail looks acceptable, right-click on the Template and select Customer E-mail
  6. Enter a Subject for the mass e-mail
  7. Choose the customer group(s) that you wish to send the mass e-mail to
  8. The mass e-mails will be sent shortly to all the customers in the selected customer group(s)