Gazelle allows you to track Payments made to your suppliers. You can do this through the Payment window (The Payment Window is managing payments made by you to your suppliers, not payments made by your customers to you). To manage Payment, go to Payment Window:

  1. Click Payment at the top of menu bar
  2. You can create new Payments, view and manage existing Payments through this window

To create a Payment:

  1. From the Payment Window, select the Supplier from which you want to make the payment to
  2. Click Create Payment
  3. On the right section, select the Purchase invoices that are being paid (Gazelle supports partial Purchase payment, enter an amount less than the full Purchase invoice amount for partial payment)
  4. On the left section, enter the Reference No and Type for the Payment (i.e : you can enter Type as CHEQUE and Reference No as the Cheque Number)
  5. Enter the Discount given by the Supplier if any, this will deduct the overall payable amount
  6. If you are paying to overseas Supplier with different currency, enter the amount you are paying in your local currency as Amount (Local). Otherwise, Amount (Local) should be exactly the same as Amount, since they are of the same currency.
  7. Click Save

Note that:

  • From the Payment window, you can go to the Unpaid Purchases tab to track Purchases that have not been paid. Purchases that have been paid fully will disappear from this list
  • HQ can make Payments for Purchases made by the Branches. However a Branch can only make Payments for Purchases made by the Branch itself