The Transaction window is accessible by clicking the Transaction button from the top menu bar. In the Transaction window, you can browse through all the Sales and Partial Sale Completion transactions according to selected Date and Branch filter in the Transaction window

  • Right click on a Sale or Partial Sale Completion to see additional operations that can be performed on the transaction

Beside this, the Transaction window allows you to create end-of-day Settlement by clicking the Settlement button (see Settlement article)
When you are locating a Sale in the Transaction window, you will need to know the date of the Sale transaction. If you know the Receipt No but not the Sale date, use the Sale Finder to find out the date information (see Finder article)

NEW in V12.10
Quickly locate a Sale transaction by typing the Receipt No to the search textbox at the top left of the Transaction Window, and clicking Search. You can also scan receipt's barcode to the search textbox using a barcode scanner.