You can manage Customers in Gazelle through the Customer window. You can access the Customer window by clicking Customer button at the top menu bar. Within the Customer window:

  • You can search for a Customer using the Google-like search box at the top left of the window
  • Use the Create Customer button to create a new Customer
  • Use the Clean Pending Customers button to delete Customers that have registered through Gazelle's Online Store but have not confirmed their e-mail addresses

The list of Customers appear in the Customer table at the center of the window. RIght-click a Customer row to:

  • Edit the details of a Customer
  • Show the transaction records (Sale) of a Customer
  • Delete a Customer

When you are creating a new Customer or editing an existing Customer, the Customer Detail window will be shown. See Customer Detail article for more information on the available options for Customer in Gazelle.