The main page to administer your store's item, inventories and stocks is the Item window. You can access the Item window by clicking the Item icon at the top menu bar.

  • The Item list is shown in the Item Table at the center of Item window
  • Use the Google-like search box on the top left of the Item window to quickly search and locate an Item
  • Select a Class from the left center tree to filter the Item list shown in the Item Table according to the items' Class
  • Click the Create Item button to create a new stock Item
  • Click the Create Non-Stock Item button to create a new non-stock stock Item
  • Click the Create Service button to create a new service
  • Click the Create Variation Group button to create a new Variation Group (see Variation Group article)

You can select an Item on the Item table and right click it to perform more operations on the selected Item such as editing or deleting the Item.

When you are creating a new Item or editing an existing Item, the Item Detail window will be shown. See Item Detail article for more information on the available options for Item in Gazelle.

Additionally, the following articles are helpful to get a better understanding on how Items are being managed in Gazelle

  • Item Cost Price article
  • Stock Item and Non-Stock Item article
  • Variation Group article
  • Service Item article
  • Supplier Service Item article