You need to access the Settings window to modify the Online Store settings:

  1. Login as Admin in Headquarter
  2. Click Admin menu then select Settings
  3. Go to Advanced tab

www.mainsite.url The URL of your main website. Clicking the company image in the online store will direct customer to this URL
www.allow.cod When set to true, enables Cash on Delivery payment method When set to true, allows free items (with zero price) to be checked out from the Online Store
www.require.address When set to true, collects the customer's address when he/she registers. Otherwise no address information will be collected during registration
www.enforce.confirmation When set to true, force the customer to confirm his e-mail address after registration When set to true, shows the top header in the Online Store. Set this to false to remove the top header, which is very useful if you are embedding Gazelle's Online Store within another website