Gazelle is a multi-Branch Point of Sale software. To manage Branches, you should access the Branch window:

  1. Login as Admin to Headquarter
  2. Click Admin menu at the top right of menu bar, select Entity then select Branch
  3. The Branch window will be displayed

Information Name The name of the Branch
Information Code The code of the Branch, no two branches can have the same Code
Information Country The Country that the Branch resides, transactions with the Branch will be done in this Country's currency
Information Type Set this to BRANCH for normal Branch. Set this to MISC for non-physical Branch for stock transfer purposes (For instance the (Stock Adjustment) branch is a MISC branch)
Information Tax Code The tax that the Customer has to pay when purchasing from this Branch
Information Price Displays If your store displays shelf price inclusive of tax, select Include Tax. Otherwise, if you store adds the tax only during payments in the cashier, select Exclude Tax
Information Active If this is NOT ticked, the Branch is inactive and Staffs can't login to this Branch
Print Out   The Print Out tab contains fields that will be displayed in receipts and reports
Others Rounding

Determines the rounding for cash payments during Sale transactions. For instance, if you want to round cash payments in Sale to nearest 5 cents, enter 0.05 here

If you disable automatic rounding in Settings window, this determines the maximum value of manual rounding allowed in Sale transactions

Others Branch Markup % Leave this as 0 (not being used currently)
Others Price Adj % Leave this as 0 (not being used currently)

Note that:

  • After creating a new Branch, you have to create a Terminal before Staffs can login to the new Branch (see Terminal article)
  • The number of Branches you can create is limited by your Entitlement (see Entitlement article)
  • A Branch of type MISC won't count towards your Branch limit, however Staffs can't login to a MISC Branch