In Gazelle, within a Branch you can have many Terminals. A Staff logging in to Gazelle will login to a certain Branch AND Terminal. You can manage Terminals through the Terminal window:

  1. Login as Admin to Headquarter
  2. Click Admin menu at the top right of menu bar, select Entity then select Terminal
  3. The Terminal window will be displayed

Name The name of theĀ Terminal
Branch The Branch that thisĀ Terminal resides
Location A description of the Location of this Terminal i.e : Second Floor, Near Entrance
IP Regex Staffs logging in to this Terminal must have an IP matching the regular expression specified here. This is an ADVANCED setting, leave this blank if you are not sure what this option does.
Active If this is NOT ticked, the Terminal is inactive and Staffs can't login to this Terminal

Additionally you can right-click a Terminal and select Disable Cash Float to disable Cash Float operation on that Terminal (see Cash Float article)

Note that you can't modify a Terminal's Branch after the Terminal has been created since such modifications would affect the integrity of the system