Some entities in Gazelle require you to assign them a Country, for instance you will need to specify a Country for each Branch in the system. To manage Countries, you access the Country window:

  1. Login as Admin to Headquarter
  2. Click Admin menu at the top right of menu bar, select Entity then select Country
  3. The Country window will be displayed

Name The name of the Country
Currency The currency code for the Country, we recommend the use of ISO4217 currency code
Locale Enter "EN" for English and "IN" for Indonesian. Other Locales are not currently supported
Time Offset Time Offset of this Country from GMT in minutes. For instance, for GMT+8, you enter 480 since 8 hours is 480 minutes. For GMT -7, you enter -420 since -7 hours is -420 minutes
Exchange Rate The Exchange Rate of this Country relative to Headquarter Country. See the Exchange Rate explanation below this table
Shipping This is used for Online Store. The shipping rate from Country where the Headquarter resides to this Country in Headquarter's currency.
WWW This is used for Online Store. If this is ticked, customers from this Country are allowed to register in Gazelle's Online Store. Otherwise, customers from this Country won't be able to register in Gazelle's Online Store.

Exchange Rate:

  • The Country in which the Headquarter resides must have Exchange Rate 1. For instance if your Headquarter is located in Singapore, the Country Singapore must have Exchange Rate 1
  • Other Countries must have Exchange Rate figures relative to Exchange Rate of Headquarter. For instance, if Headquarter is in Singapore and the exchange rate between USD is 1 SGD = 0.78 USD, then we can create a country United States with Currency USD and Exchange Rate 0.78