You access the Customer Detail window when creating a new Customer or editing an existing Customer through the Customer window.
The following options are available for Customer:

Information Member No The membership number of the Customer, you can use the number automatically generated by Gazelle
Information First / Last Name The name of the Customer
Information E-mail E-mail address of the Customer
Information Group The Customer belongs to the Customer Group specified here (see Customer Group article)
Information Password / Confirm Password for the Customer, this is used to login to Gazelle's Online Store. If you are editing a Customer and you are not changing his/her password, leave this blank
Information Created The date that the Customer is created in the system, this is not editable
Information Active If this is NOT ticked, you won't be able to use this Customer in any transactions such as Sale.
Address   All the fields in the Address tab describe the Customer's address,
Other Information Account / Points The store money value for Account / Points of the Customer (see Customer Account and Points article)
Other Information Taxable If this is NOT ticked, the Customer is not taxable. You can use this for overseas customers
Other Information WWW If this is NOT ticked, the Customer won't be able to login to Gazelle Online Store
Other Information Subscribe If this is NOT ticked, the Customer will be excluded when you send mass e-mails or SMS through Mailer (see Mailer article)
Other Information Remarks A short note regarding the Customer

When you create a Customer, Gazelle will auto-generate a password for the Customer and it will put this password as Remarks. This is done so that you can create a Customer in a Sale environment quickly. When a Customer registers himself/herself through Gazelle Online Store, this behaviour will not be observed.