The Mass Import functions are very useful in the following scenarios:

  • you are migrating your data from your existing Point of Sale software to Gazelle
  • you are entering large amount of data to Gazelle

The following Mass Import functions are available:

  1. Import Class List
  2. Import Brand List
  3. Import Supplier List
  4. Import Brand-Supplier Association List
  5. Import Item List
  6. Import Stock List
  7. Import Customer List 

To carry out a Mass Import, do the following steps:

  1. Login as Admin to Headquarter
  2. Click Admin at the top right of menu bar, select Database then Mass Import
  3. From the list of Mass import functions, select one that you are going to use
  4. The Database Import window will be displayed
  5. Click Download CSV Template to download a CSV Template
  6. Open the CSV Template using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice
  1. Fill the CSV Template with the data that you want to import to Gazelle (the format must be the same as the downloaded CSV Template)
  2. Back at the the Database Import window, choose the CSV Template that has been filled in and click Upload
  3. Wait a few moment until a message is shown confirming that the import is successul
  4. Close the Database Import window

Best Practices:

  • Backup Gazelle's data first before carrying out any major operation such as Mass Import
  • If you have a large amount of data, test by importing a small subset of the data first. If everything is fine, then you can proceed with importing the rest of the data 

Note that:

  • If you are doing a complete migration from other Point of Sale software, you have to carry out the Mass Import in the sequence of the Mass import functions. For instance, you have to import Class then Brand then Supplier then Brand-Supplier Association List then Item then Stock and lastly Customer. This ordering must be followed because of dependencies that exist i.e Item depends on Brand and Supplier so Item must be imported after Brand and Supplier
  • If you encounter error when importing, check your CSV file and make sure that there are no two rows with the same identity. For instance, you can't have two items with the same barcode in your CSV, also you can't have two customers with the same e-mail
  • If you encounter error when importing, check your CSV file and make sure that none of the entries in the CSV already exists in the system. For instance, if you already have an item with barcode XYZ in the system, you can't have an item with barcode XYZ in the CSV