The Tax Code window is used to manage Tax Code definitions in Gazelle:

  1. Login as Admin to Headquarter
  2. Click Admin menu at the top right of menu bar, select Entity then select Tax Code
  3. The Tax Code window will be displayed

Name The name of theĀ Tax Code, this will be printed in sale receipts
Tax Rate 1 The Tax Rate in Percentage
Tax Rate 2 If you have a second Tax Rate, enter the second Tax Rate in Percentage here, otherwise leave it as 0
Compound If you enter Tax Rate 2, tick this to compound Tax Rate 2 on top of the Tax Rate 1 in the calculation of Effective Tax Rate
Effective Tax Rate The final Tax Rate in Percentage, calculated by combining Tax Rate 1 and Tax Rate 2

Note that:

  • Before saving, ensure the Effective Tax Rate is calculated correctly